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We are pleased to introduce to you today one of our hit game shows: Thimbles. The writing teams at Evolution Gaming are taking the time today to explain the rules, how it works, and the potential of this highly anticipated title by fans of the brand. Let's get started!

Teaser: Thimbles

Min. Bet$0.1
Max. Bet$100
Max. Win$288

Thimbles - Play our version of Bonneteau now !

Many people had the chance to discover our Thimbles game during its official release on March 19, 2018. Adopting the concept of the street game of thimble-rig, we decided at Evoplay to offer a fair, fast, and entertaining version for our community. However, the success of this game has been growing, and it's only in recent months that we've seen significant activity on Thimbles. Our increasing presence across more and more casino partners seems to be bearing fruit! We've noticed one thing: very few people still trust thimble-rig games, as they are often associated with scams on the streets of major cities (Paris, New York, or London). Evoplay wanted to settle the matter by unveiling a licensed game, available in 11 different languages (including French, Ukrainian, English, Chinese, and Italian). To this day, Thimbles is one of the greatest successes of our studios, and we are proud to present it to you today.

πŸ“… Release DateMarch 19, 2018
🟒 Minimum Bet0.10 €
πŸ”΄ Maximum Bet100 €
πŸ† Maximum Win288 €
πŸš€ VolatilityLow
πŸ“ˆ RTP96.00 %

πŸ’Ž The street game finally available at Casinos

Evoplay is driven by a mission: to adapt classic games to the casino world and reinvent online entertainment. Our teams noticed in 2018 that an incalculable number of tourists are scammed every year in the street game of thimble-rig. However, the desire to flip one of the cups to find the ball is very much alive in many people. Thimbles was developed to meet this demand online, in a totally secure and fair environment. By integrating Provably Fair technology, we ensure that no draw can be manipulated by any of our partners. Yes, thimble-rig is now adapted for the casino thanks to Thimbles!

πŸ₯€ Thimbles is available at all our partners

We wanted to allow as many casino players as possible to launch Thimbles from a multitude of platforms. Evoplay concludes solid partnerships each year with quality operators available online. The year 2023 has allowed us to add 140 partners to our network, thus sharing Thimbles with a wider audience. Often, we notice that our casino game of thimble-rig is highlighted at the best online casinos! This means you should have no trouble finding and playing it securely.

πŸ“± Play Thimbles on your mobile

We've done our utmost to make our casino game Thimbles as accessible as possible for our audience. By using HTML5 and WebGL technology, our developers have managed to make our creation compatible with all existing smartphones and tablets, without any downloads required. To play our title, you just have to launch it from a mobile web browser like Safari or Chrome, whether you're on iOS or Android. As you'll quickly see, the mobile version of Thimbles fully adapts according to your screen resolution. iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, all systems are perfectly compatible with Thimbles.

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Playing Thimbles : Steps to follow

We want to enable you to start playing our Thimbles game as simply as possible. Starting from scratch, it takes less than 3 minutes to start a game of thimble-rig with us! Just follow these steps to get going right away:

  • 1️⃣ Open an account with an Evoplay partner casino;
  • 2️⃣ Make a first deposit and get a bonus;
  • 3️⃣ Search for the "Thimbles" game in the mini-games collection;
  • 4️⃣ Win up to €288 in a single game!

Of course, we do not require our users to register in real mode to play Thimbles Casino. You can simply use the demo mode integrated into all the partner sites of our studio. However, to play in real mode, you must make a deposit.

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How to play a game at Thimbles Casino

Many people ask us what a game of thimble-rig looks like in the casino version. At Evoplay, we've tried our best to make you feel as if you're in a real game! Let us reveal all the steps of a game of our money game Thimbles.

1- Select a bet to play Thimbles

All our Thimbles Casino games are solo and played against a computer. To start the game, you first need to select a bet when you arrive at the interface. We've provided intuitive buttons so you can place between €0.10 and €100 in real mode (or between 1 DEM and 30,000 DEM in demo mode). Before moving on, always check that your setup is correctly done.

2- Choose the number of balls

The second step to play the thimble-rig casino game is to select on the right side of the screen the number of balls to place under the cups. Of course, your choice will impact your chances of winning and the multiplier you can unlock on our Thimbles game. Here's a table with all the necessary information to choose:

πŸ”΄ RubyπŸ“ˆ Winning chancesπŸ“ˆ Multiplier
11 out of 3x2.88
22 out of 3x1.44

Of course, you have much more chances to win at Thimbles money game by having two balls under the three cups! We recommend you to always keep an eye on the movement of the three wooden cups to try and guess where the ruby has hidden. Be careful, as the mixing is done very quickly and chance plays a very important role in this Thimbles casino game.

3- Play Thimble-rig Casino version!

You are now ready to actually play the Thimbles casino game. Once everything is perfectly configured to your liking, simply click (with your mouse or your touchscreen) on the cup you wish to turn over. Instantly, you can discover one of the rarest gems in the world: the ruby, or find nothing.

Here are the possible scenarios on Thimbles:

  • πŸ”΄ You find a Ruby: the game is won, your stake is multiplied by your multiplier and credited instantly to your game account, up to €288;
  • ❌ You find nothing: the game is lost, you lose the entire stake placed on our Thimbles casino game.

As you can see, our maximum multiplier is x2.88 if you place two rubies under the three cups. By placing a bet of €100, this means you can win up to €288 in a single click! It's not for nothing that thousands of users join us each month in this online thimble-rig adventure.

4- Statistics of your games with Provably Fair

We are convinced that our players want to keep a visual on all their bets placed on the Thimbles game. That's why we've integrated Provably Fair technology, which allows for transparent consultation of the draws made on each of the Thimbles casino sessions. On the right side of our software interface, you can therefore observe your complete statistics, the latest results, your winnings, and your losses! It's crucial for our teams to allow you to follow your entire evolution on your choices in this thimble-rig casino game.

Launching a game of Thimbles

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BonusBonus MaxWagerMin. Deposit
100%$500X 35$20
BonusBonus MaxWagerMin. Deposit
100%$1,000X 30$20

RTP Thimbles : Let's be transparent

To provide you with total transparency, you can see that on our multipliers, we apply a payout ratio of 96% and therefore a margin of 4% to fund our development teams and improve our presence on online casinos worldwide. As you have noticed, the actual probabilities of the Thimbles game are thus slightly impacted by our RTP:

πŸ”΄ RubyπŸ“ˆ Theoretical OddsActual Odds

Evoplay always wants to be transparent with its players, and we always clearly display the return rates applied across all our games. Thimbles allows you to enjoy a low margin on our part and to put all the chances on your side to win in the long term. You can find these characteristics on the technical sheet of our official website!

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Thimbles StratΓ©gie : The team tells you everything

In developing the Thimbles game, our teams have had plenty of time to try it out and take the time to implement strategies to optimize the chances of winning. At Evoplay, we place great importance on the entertainment of our players and prefer that you can stay as long as possible on our games.

Choose a single cup!

We've noticed that to tame the variance of the draws as much as possible, one of the best Thimbles strategies is to turn over the same cup each time and continue to bet on it. Obviously, this doesn't prevent losing some games, but it can still prevent you from chasing after the rubies and regretting changing your choice. This technique is often used by participants in street thimble-rig games, simply because it's often impossible to follow the speed of the three cups being shuffled.

Implement a sort of martingale!

Many casino players use the martingale technique to beat roulette and other games. In the Thimbles money game, you can obviously use it, even though none of the choices allow you to simply double your bet. We simply recommend placing a fixed amount on a game with a single ball, doubling the bet each time you lose, and returning to the initial bet when you manage to win. Even though the martingale is not 100% adapted to our Thimbles game, we have seen many players achieve great things using it.

Always stay responsible!

The entire Evoplay team wishes to offer pleasure and entertainment to thousands of players around the world, but also wants to protect you from the dangers of online gambling. Thimbles is obviously a game of chance that can cause you to lose your entire stake, and no strategy can tame the results 100%. That's why we ask all members of the Evoplay community to always play Thimbles for fun and to only stake money you are prepared to lose. Just set a budget for your entertainment, and stick to it!

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Thimbles online casino developers' reviews

We wanted to give the floor to one of our full-stack developers to give you a real opinion on Thimbles. Andrew Lepekha joined our company Evoplay in September 2021, and has witnessed the rise of this game as well as participated in many updates on Thimbles. Discover now his opinion on the casino thimble-rig game:

Unfortunately, I did not participate in the pure design of the game, since Thimbles was developed by some of my colleagues in 2018 if I'm not mistaken. However, I have witnessed the enthusiasm around this very simple game among the Evoplay audience. In my opinion, this game is one of the company's greatest achievements, as it combines technology and simplicity. From a user's perspective, Thimbles may seem like a very accessible and fast-paced game. On the development side, it's one of the first titles to integrate Provably Fair technology and one of the most accomplished designs in my opinion. Its compatibility on mobile devices thanks to WebGL technology has allowed us to subsequently release other quality games by building on its foundation!

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